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7600 Cheat Sheet


Hank Nussbacher, Nussbacher Consulting, Kfar Saba, Israel.

When converting from a 7200/7500 platform to a 7600 platform, there are many new commands that are specific to the 7600 platform. It is often confusing to remember all of them, so I have created a "7600 Cheat sheet":

show catalyst                                          [Catalyst 6000 info]
show cwan                                              [Catalyst WAN info]
show diagnostic result                         [Diagnostics]
show fabric                                              [Crossbar switching data]
show fm interface <interface-id>         [Feature Manager]
show ibc br                                              [Traffic to CPU]
show inventory                                        [Equipment inventory]
show idprom module n                         [IDPROM info]
show mac-address-table                     [MAC]
show mls                                                 [Multilayer switching]
  show mls statistics
  show mls netflow ip nowrap
  show mls status                                   [undocumented]
show module                                          [Linecard info]
  show platform                                       [hardware]
show power                                             [Power info]
show platform hardware pfc mode
  show tcam                                             [TCAM info]
show tcam detail
show upgrade fpd                                  [Field Programmable Device upgrade]
attach n                                                     [Connect to SUP]
hw-module                                               [Reset of power-cycle specific module]
remote command switch show xxxx   [Connect to SUP]
ipc-cons n                                                [Connect to Flexwan - undocumented]

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