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7600 TCAM usage IPv4 / IPv6



I have recently look at the FIB TCAM usage on a 7600 receiving bgp full view for IPv4 & IPv6 traffic :

L3 Forwarding Resources

Module              FIB TCAM usage:                     Total        Used     %Used

   1                     72 bits (IPv4, MPLS, EoM)      524288      441646     84%

                        144 bits (IP mcast, IPv6)      262144        11920      5%

                     detail:      Protocol                    Used       %Used

                                  IPv4                      439598         84%

                                  MPLS                        2048          1%

                                  EoM                            0          0%

                                  IPv6                       11913          5%

                                  IPv4 mcast                     4          1%

                                  IPv6 mcast                     3          1%

If IPv4 subnetting continues as it goes, it seems that we will reach the the 500k routes at the end of year 2013. So I have some questions :

Do you think that specifying 750k ipv4 routes (with mls cef command  -- need a reload ?) and 125k ipv6 routes is a good limit that will always fit in the 5 upcoming years (or will this routeur be over / should I consider to split IPv6 & IPv4 peers on different routers) ?

How do you see ipv6 subnet number growing ?  If most AS have only one IPv6 subnet it should be OK (around 50k AS) but if AS number continues to grow / some AS pick multiple prefix, it could be hard to manage with this platform

Thanks !


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