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A Digital Packet Recorder For Your Router


By combining EEM with the Embedded Packet Capture (EPC) feature, one can create an ever-running packet capture on the device that can be automatically stopped when a problem occurs.  Once stopped, the resulting capture file will be emailed to a recipient.  The result is a snapshot of the traffic leading up to and at the moment a problem occurs on the network. 

The attached Tcl policy uses the standard EEM email environment variables as well as the following:

$dpr_syslog : Syslog message pattern for which to watch before stopping the packet capture

$dpr_cappnt : EPC capture point

$dpr_capbuf : EPC Capture buffer

A sample EPC configuration for this policy would be:

monitor capture point ip cef cappnt all both

monitor capture buffer capbuf size 512 max-size 1518 circular

monitor capture point associate cappnt capbuf

monitor capture point start cappnt


You know, I was looking for a EMM script to run on a periodic basis to help identify network issues s time permits one to review a capture for any TCP delays, DNS delays , bad TCP pakets, etc. But I came across your script and this makes so much sense to me. i will test and let you know if we roll out in production. Thanks a bunch, very clever indeed!!