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After increasing the console port's speed to perform an xmodem transfer and then changing the configuration register back to the default, the new configuration register value does not change after reloading the router due to the speed command not being is


Core Issue

This issue may result in the new value not holding after the reload.


To ensure that the configuration register value is set back to the default (after changing the console speed for an xmodem transfer), perform these steps:

  1. After the router reloads following a successful xmodem transfer, issue these commands:
    router#configure terminal
    router(config)#line con 0
    router(config-line)#speed 9600
  2. As soon as you issue the speed 9600 command, you lose connectivity to the console. In the terminal emulator program (such as Hyperterminal), change the speed to 9600 and reconnect.
  3. Issue these commands:
    router(config)#config-register 0x2102
    ! --- Enter Ctrl-z to exit.
    router#show version
  4. After issuing the show version command, look at the last line of the output. It should appear as shown:

    Configuration register is 0x3920 (will be 0x2102 at next reload)

At this point, the router's configuration register setting should stay at 0x2102 if reloaded.

Note: If the above steps are not done in this order, or if the speed 9600 command is not issued, the configuration register may revert back to the 0x3920 setting after reloading.

Problem Type

Console, aux port and Telnet connectivity

When Problem Occurs

After software configuration change

After software upgrade