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Can I access CiscoWorks outside the firewall, and can CiscoWorks manage devices outside the firewall?


Core issue

Firewalls normally restrict traffic between CiscoWorks server and client and CiscoWorks server and devices.


This is the list of ports to be opened on the firewall for CiscoWorks to communicate with the client or devices:

These ports are used for incoming traffic:

  • 42343/tcp (JRun)
  • 57860/tcp (JRun Server Manager ControlServer - Used for Jrun Administration)
  • 514/udp (Standard port for Syslog)
  • 1741/tcp (port used for the CiscoWorks HTTP server)
  • 1742/tcp (used when the webserver is running on SSL mode)
  • Database ports: 43441- 43449 (The ports used by different apps are different.      For example, CiscoWorks Common Services uses 43441 and Essentials uses 43442)
  • 443/tcp (port used for Core Apache Web server in SSL mode)
  • 9007/tcp (Ajp12 connector used by Tomcat)
  • 9009/tcp (Ajp13 connector used by Tomcat)
  • 1751/tcp (port used for the Core Apache Web server)

These ports are used for outgoing traffic:

  • 161/udp (Standard port for SNMP Polling)
  • 162/udp (Standard port for SNMP Traps)
  • 23/tcp (Standard port for Telnet)
  • 22/tcp (Standard port for SSH)
  • 80/tcp (Default HTTP for device navigator)

These ports are used for incoming and outgoing traffic:

  • 42340/tcp (CiscoWorks Daemon Manager, the tool that manages server processes)
  • 42342/udp (Osagent)
  • 7580/tcp (default port; alternate port: 42352/tcp) (ESS HTTP port)
  • 69/udp (Standard port for TFTP)
  • 1683 (IIOP port for CWCS gatekeeper)
  • 8088 (HIOP port for CWCS gatekeeper)
  • 514/tcp (RCP port)
  • 42351/tcp (default port; alternate port: 44351/tcp) (ESS Listening port)
  • 42353/tcp (default port; alternate port: 44353/tcp) (ESS Routing port)
  • 42350/udp (default port; alternate port: 44350/udp (ESS Service port)
  • 10033 (Licensing database port)
  • 1684/tcp (IIOP gatekeeper port)

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