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Cheat-sheet for Catalyst 3750






This document can be used as a cheat-sheet for troubleshooting on Cisco 3750 switches..




There are no specific requirements for this document.




For CPU related issues


Show process cpu sorted

Show process cpu history

Show platform port-asic stats drop

Show controllers cpu-interface

Debug platform cpu-queues <queue name>

Show plat for <src intf> <srcmac> <dstmac> ip <srcip> <dstip> <L4Prot>


For memory issues


Show memory statistics

Show process memory sorted

Show buffers


For link issues


Show interface status | inc connected

Test cable-diagnostics tdr interface <>

Show cable-diagnostic tdr interface <>

Show interface <>

Show interface <> counters

Show interface <> counters errors

Show interface counter errors

Show controller Ethernet-controller <>

Show platform pm if-numbers

Show controllers Ethernet-controller port-asic statistics

Show platform port-asic stats drop <>


Layer 2 forwarding issues


Show interface <> status

Show spanning-tree interface <>

Show interface <> counter

Show mac address-table interface <>

Show mac address-table dynamic address <>

Show spanning-tree vlan <>

Show interface status error-disabled

Show interface <> counter error

Show platform forward <ingress intf> <srcmac> <destmac>

Show spanning-tree vlan <> detail


Layer 3 IP Unicast issues



Sh ip arp vlan

Show mac address-table address

Show ip route

Show ip arp

Show platform forward <ingress intf> <srcmac> <dstmac> ip <srcip> <dstip>


QOS issues


Show mls qos interface <> stats

Show mls qos map dscp-output-q

Show platform port-asic stats drop

Show mls qos queue-set

Show mls qos maps dscp-output-q

Mls qos queue-set output <> threshold


TCAM issues


Show platform tcam utilization

Show platform acl oacltcamfull

Show platform acl label <> detail

Show sdm prefer


Stacking issues


Show switch {detail}

Show platform stack manager

Show switch stack-ring <>

Show controllers utilization

Show switch stack-ports summary


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