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Cisco 4D SD-WAN (Viptela) v2 now available on Cisco dCloud!



Viptela provides a compelling SD-WAN solution with advanced routing, segmentation and security capabilities for interconnecting complex enterprise networks. Its cloud-based network management, orchestration and overlay technologies make it easy to deploy and manage SD-WAN.


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What's New

  • Cloud Express
  • Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • Additional Segmentation policies
  • Additional traffic
  • Service Chaining


  • Scenario 1: An overview of the SD-WAN vManage dashboard and discussion around Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) capability. Branch site routers, with design best practices, can easily be provisioned by leveraging automation through zero touch provisioning and centralized configuration. Centralized configuration utilizes the templates that can be pre-configured before device deployment.
  • Scenario 2: Use the Hybrid WAN connectivity over multiple WAN transport connections. Show connectivity could be established over any kind of transport, application steering over any transport. Use IP as transport to create flexible data plane topologies from full-mesh to Hub-n-Spoke to any arbitrary topologies. Deploy policy to create a strict Hub-n-Spoke topology for Corporate and IOT/PCI VPN segment. For GuestWiFi VPN in branches, only allow DIA.
  • Scenario 3: Demonstrate with centralized policy to create different connectivity model/topologies per VPN segment, that is,Corporate VPN – Full Mesh, IOT/PCI Segment – Hub-n-Spoke, and GuestWiFi – Only DIA and no site-to-site communication.
  • Scenario 4: Demonstrate business defined insertion of services (FW, IPS, IDS, etc) utilizing centralized policies. Cisco SD-WAN is a flexible architecture where services can be deployed in any of the site(s) irrespective of the physical topology. Simple policy activation can make selected applications and sites go through the required service.
  • Scenario 5: Show the simplicity of using application firewalling policies centrally. Various applications and/or flows would not be allowed between sites. Simple centralized policy activation would enforce such policies to any site on the overlay.
  • Scenario 6: Use the Application aware routing along with arbitrary topology networking to show the business policy driven view of application classification, connectivity and QoS provisioning. Discuss Application Performance settings while highlighting the ability of the network to dynamically switch paths to preserve a consistent application experience.
  • Scenario 7: Policy driven Data Center preferences for different branches. A subset of branches could prefer one Data Center over the other as a regional Internet exit.
  • Scenario 8 : CloudExpress provides performance based path selection when multiple exits are available. Enable CloudExpress for a given SaaS application on the Branches.
  • Scenario 9: vManage provides software management capabilities. Show the simplicity of software upgrade with Cisco SD-WAN.


  • Laptop
  • Cisco AnyConnect®


dCloud Topology VPN 10


dCloud Topology VPN 20


dCloud Topology VPN 40


Cisco Employee

BR2-VEDGE1 device is not reachable, looks like certificate is missing, I even tried uploading a .CSV file but it throws me an error. Please suggest

Cisco Employee

Hi Mayank.  I would open a support case.  Thanks.


how can I get access to this lab?

Cisco Employee

Hello Vishway,

There are links above in the article to each datacenter under the Schedule heading.  You can get access using those links.




Hi rgiorgi, I tried but then I got an alert that I don't have rights to view the content, I approached dcloud support and they said I can access it if any cisco employee can share it with me.

Cisco Employee

I did not have DC2 or the policy for scenario 7.  Was it removed on purpose?