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Cisco Champion Radio: S7 | E24 The Evolving Wi-Fi 6 Landscape: WiFi 6E/ 6GHz Explained


Cisco Champion Radio · S7|E24 The Evolving Wi-Fi 6 Landscape: Wi-Fi 6E / 6GHz Explained

In this episode of Cisco Champion Radio, you’ll hear from Cisco spectrum and policy expert, Mary Brown as well as Cisco Wireless CTO, Matt MacPherson, along with Cisco Champion hosts Sam Clements of Presidio and Shai Silberman from San Jose State University.

In April of this year, the FCC opened the 6 GHz spectrum for unlicensed use. When devices hit the market in the next couple of years, they will allow consumers and businesses to take full advantage of the next generation of wireless technology. This means better video and mixed reality for virtual interactions, more connected devices in healthcare and manufacturing, a more productive and agile remote workforce, and lots more.

Join this important conversation to hear from five passionate experts as they discuss topics ranging from working with the FCC and how we’ll take advantage of this new spectrum to how it all works, what it means for the enterprise, wireless security, and more. For more information on 6GHZ and Mary Brown’s work with the FCC, check out her blog.

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