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Cisco DNA Digital Network Architect Center Solutions - PartII


In this sample Article from Digital Network Architect Center Solutions - PartII:

You will learn about the many different things of Digital Network Architect Center (DNAC), about the Design module, and about the Provisioning Module, and about assurance is positioned to know exactly who and what is on the network at any given time, as well as assign different Network devices with Digital Network Architect Center, it is the perfect solution for centralized deployment and policy management


Cisco DNA Center is a Cisco system for centralized deployment and policy management and control of devices within your network.


Today we will learn how to add a new site to Digital Network Architect Center within the building details and floor!

 Step.1- Access to the DNAC, Navigate to the Design module Click   + and choose add area, from here you will enter area with continent.


Step.2- Click Add site and choose second option which is [Add building], here you will enter building details include [Building Name, Address, Latitude, longitude].


Step.3- Add the Floors of the building Click Add site --> choose add floor from the list now you can add details include [Floor Name, Site name, building name, Image for the floor Etc.

Great, right now you have successfully added your site as details on Cisco DNA center.


Now we will Navigate to the network Profiles from here will create new profile for wireless, Step.1 Design --> Network Profile -->Add profile --> Wireless  


Step.2- Add SSID for the wireless profile and assign the profile to the site

  • - Here we will click to assign the network profile to our site.

NOTE: If you created the Site include building and floor the DNA will count all of them as sites for example if you create [Site ABC--> Building B1 --> Floor 1] so once assign the network profile to the site will count the site as 3xsites.


  • Now will start with the Provision Module:

Steps –[ Navigate to Provision --> unassigned devices --> choose WLC -->Actions --> Provision --> Assign device to the sites-->Choose the site --> Save --> Assign]


NOTE: Assign the devices to the building or floor which we create under the site, Not direct to the site because will not accept to assign if you choose the main site. 

  Please Find the attachment to see the DNA steps as GUI.                 

  Stay tuned for Part III about Cisco Network Automation, I hope that has been informative for you and thank you.

  Mohamed Alhenawy