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Cisco Umbrella Overview


Cisco Umbrella Overview


  • In this article, we are going to talk about Cisco Umbrella Overview.

- The continuity of IT is the basis of today’s business environment. Almost every single decision made by business is either based on an IT data or done using the IT platform. And so, the security, availability, visibility, and performance of the IT sector are the key foundation of a solid business and service environment.


- what you will do if the attacker pivots and enter your network infrastructure to get your sensitive data, attackers need to register with your domain to start his attack, all of this will happen once you respond to the incident.
-Cisco umbrella comes to secure your sensitive data within more than 20x data centers -WW- around the world and tied with a cisco Talos operation center team.TM_UmbrellaSequence_300x300.gif


-Cisco Umbrella offers the protection for both enterprise, home network, any connect, through the filtering of all DNS requests that are done under your domain and determine the URL.
- Cisco Umbrella is a secure cloud platform that provides you a defense against threats, Umbrella is DNS and IP layers.
- Cisco Umbrella secures your enterprise from malware, Phishing Etc...
- Cisco Umbrella provides complete visibility into internet activity.
- Cisco Umbrella integrations with the other security solutions.
- Cisco Umbrella has updated reputation list.
- Cisco Umbrella is working without any latency.
We can say Cisco Umbrella is an intelligence proxy.

NOTE: You can get the Cisco umbrella solution in your enterprise within 10 minutes, stay tuned for the next article about Cisco umbrella.


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