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CiscoWorks Daemon Manager generates an Unable to Locate DLL error message and does not come up


Core issue

The casuser does not have sufficient privileges to access Windows DLLs. The dynamic link library dbencrypt.dll could not be found in this specified path: 

avloader.exe - Unable to Locate DLL

  The dynamic link library dbeng.dll could not be found in the specified path......


To resolve the issue, perform one of these workarounds:

  • Check if the casuser has a read access to the C:\WINNT\system32 directory. If not, try to gain access to the directory by rebooting the server to make sure that the changes take effect.
  • Try resetting the casuser account and reboot the server. Perform this procedure for resetting the casuser account:
    1. On the server's command prompt, go to NMSROOT\setup\support, where NMSROOT is the CiscoWorks installation directory. By default it is C:\Program Files\CSCOpx.
    2. Run resetCasuser.exe.
    3. Reboot the server.
  • Provide Administrator privilege to casuser by performing this procedure:    
    1. Select Setting > Control Panel > Users and Passwords.
    2. Make casuser a member of Administrator group.
    3. Reboot the server.
    4. If the CiscoWorks Daemon Manager still does not come up, reset the casuser account (as indicated in step two) and reboot the server.

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