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Clients uses internet IP and get routed to another internet IP


Attached is a rough Network diagram of what I want to achieve but cant find a way:

A client over the internet connects to IP on R2) but this gets automatically redirected to IP of Server on Lan behind R1) so they access.

so what I actually want is that the internet IP of is automatically redirected to

Lan behind R1 is currently setup properly with appropriate nat and accessible but I want it to be accessible both way ie

Server C with internet ip of - should be accessible using both and as well.

I have tried all posible configurations and have search the whole internet but can't find anything to solve this issue.

I need only to setup R2 as R1 is already setup with regular nat and static route.

Would appreciate any help as soon as possible.

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Wrong forum, post in "WAN and routing discussions".

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