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Duplicate packets in ingress SPAN/RSPAN are seen upon the installation of WS-X6516A-GBIC or WS-X6548-GE-TX line cards on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 that runs Cisco IOS System Software


Core issue

The issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCee78323.

This issue occurs when Remote Switched Port Analyzer (RSPAN) is configured and a WS-X6516A line card is installed in the same Cisco Catalyst 6500. This issue occurs with Local SPAN also. The other affected line card is the WS-X6548-GE-TX. If these line cards are present in the system within bus switching mode, they generate an additional copy for the ingress SPAN packets. This results in extra traffic, which is equal to the number of such line cards, multiplied by the ingress SPAN traffic.

This is a sample RSPAN configuration:

vlan access-map RSPANCAP 10
match ip address TEST
action forward
vlan filter RSPANCAP vlan-list 100
ip access-list extended TEST
permit ip any
permit ip any
monitor session 1 source interface Po2
monitor session 1 destination remote vlan 100

This is a sample show module configuration:

Mod Ports Card Type Model Serial No.
--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------
1 2 Catalyst 6000 supervisor 2 (Active) WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE SAL0652AUD0
3 8 8 port 1000mb GBIC Enhanced QoS WS-X6408A-GBIC SAL0548EYF2
4 8 8 port 1000mb GBIC Enhanced QoS WS-X6408A-GBIC SAL061424MF
6 16 SFM-capable 16 port 1000mb GBIC WS-X6516A-GBIC SAL0810VS9M
9 0 SLB Application Processor Complex WS-X6066-SLB-APC SAD07390253

Mod MAC addresses Hw Fw Sw Status
--- ---------------------------------- ------ ------------ ------------ -------
1 0006.d65c.4914 to 0006.d65c.4915 4.1 7.1(1) 12.1(22)E1 Ok
3 0005.740b.98f8 to 0005.740b.98ff 2.0 5.4(2) 8.3(0.111)TF Ok
4 0009.1241.b744 to 0009.1241.b74b 2.1 5.4(2) 8.3(0.111)TF Ok
6 000f.343b.3b38 to 000f.343b.3b47 3.0 7.2(1) 8.3(0.111)TF Ok
9 000d.bcaf.a180 to 000d.bcaf.a187 1.7 3.1(6) Ok

Mod Sub-Module Model Serial Hw Status
--- --------------------------- --------------- --------------- ------- -------
1 Policy Feature Card 2 WS-F6K-PFC2 SAL0652ASVT 3.3 Ok
1 Cat6k MSFC 2 daughterboard WS-F6K-MSFC2 SAL0652AXJG 2.5 Ok

Mod Online Diag Status
--- -------------------
1 Pass
3 Pass
4 Pass
6 Pass
9 Pass


In order to resolve this issue, upgrade the Cisco IOS  software to version 12.2(18)SXE, 12.1(23.2)E, 12.2(17d)SXB05 or a later version. This software can be downloaded from LAN Switching Software.

For a workaround, boot up these line cards with the online diagnostic tests disabled.