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EHWIC-4G-LTE-G upgrade software


Hi there,


I'm looking to upgrade the EHWIC-4G-LTE-G SKU MC7710 but i cant find the right firmware, or do I? I feel like I'm running arround in circles:

Here I find the upgrade link: Cisco Firmware Upgrade Guide for Cellular Modems:

There I cannot find the EHWIC-4G-LTE-G SKU MC7710. So i looked at Cisco site self but it doesn't list anything with the Serial number. 


The reason I'm looking at upgrading the firmware is because I get errors on this modem after upgradeing to 157-3.M5.


So can I use one of the firmware's from the first site? Is there a difference between EHWIC-4G-LTE-G and the EHWIC-4G-LTE-GB? What do i need to pay attention to when looking for software. Does the MC7710 mean something or not? The EHWIC-4G-LTE-G is still sold, so I must be doing something wrong, I just can't figure out what...


Some help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance


BTW; Associated products also doesn't return e query for EHWIC-4G-LTE-G or MC7710...


VIP Mentor
Hi I havent upgraded the specific wic before but this doc seems to contain information on it and how to do it , may help ,its loks like sierra software not cisco though What i think is if you upgrade the whole device is the sierra part should upgrade too as the files will be contained in the IOS have you tried that ? Go to the latest Cisco image for the router upgrade and check is the ewic upgraded too see Philips post MC7710 Manual Modem Firmware Upgrade: Example MC7710 Manual Modem Firmware Upgrade: Example Device# microcode reload cellular 0 0 modem-provision flash:MC7710_Global_03.05.19.04_00.cwe Reload microcode? [confirm] Log status of firmware download in router flash?[confirm] Firmware download status will be logged in flash:fwlogfile Microcode Reload Process launched for Cellular 37946756; hw type = 0x6F3 Device# ***************************************************** The interface will be Shut Down for Firmware Upgrade This will terminate any active data connections. ***************************************************** Modem radio has been turned off ***************************************************** Modem will be upgraded! Upgrade process will take up to 15 minutes. During this time the modem will be unusable. Please do not remove power or reload the router during the upgrade process. ***************************************************** Sending F/W[MC7710_Global_03.05.19.04_00.cwe] to the card [41569157 bytes]: Firmware file: MC7710_Global_03.05.19.04_00.cwe sent to the card The current modem F/W App Version: SWI9200X_03.00.11.00AP R2492 CARMD-EN-10526 2011/07/01 19:31:09 The current modem F/W Boot Version: SWI9200X_03.00.11.00BT R2492 CARMD-EN-10526 2011/07/01 19:28:52 The current modem Carrier String: 5 The current modem Device ID: MC7710 The current modem Package Identifier: MC7710_03.00.11.00_00_vzw_020.006_001 The current modem SKU ID: 1584083 FW UPgrade: In the progress. *Feb 21 23:39:35.407: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_DOWN: Cellular0 modem is now DOWN. F/W Upgrade: Complete Successfully *Feb 21 23:42:00.475: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_UP: Cellular0 modem is now UP. *Feb 21 23:42:00.475: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_DOWN: Cellular0 modem is now DOWN. *Feb 21 23:42:05.475: %CISCO800-2-MODEM_UP: Cellular0 modem is now UP. Modem radio has been turned on Device# show cellular 0 hardware | incl Modem Firmware Version Modem Firmware Version = SWI9200X_03.05.19.04
m.x Beginner

Thank you for responding! 


My solution was to downgrade to version 15.3 6M. Somehow this verison doen't need an update. I'm going to try yourt solution in my lab tho! 


Thansk for helping!


VIP Mentor
Hopefully it works for you , let us know if not we can try something else
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