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How to change the port setting on a Catalyst Express 500 Series Switch


Core issue

The basic port settings like speed and duplex determine how data is received and sent between the switch and the attached device.

You can change these settings to fit your network needs and to troubleshoot network problems. The settings on a switch port should be compatible with the port settings of the connected device.


In order to change basic port settings, use the Port Settings window by selecting Configure > Port Settings from the Device Manager menu.

You can display the Device Manager from anywhere in your network through a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Follow these steps to display the Device Manager:

  1. Open a web browser session on your PC or workstation.
  2. Enter the switch IP address in the web browser, and press Enter. The Device Manager page appears.
  3. Use the Device Manager to perform basic switch configuration and monitoring. See the Device Manager online help for information.

For more advanced configuration, download and run the Cisco Network Assistant.

For detailed information, refer to the Update Basic Port setting section of User Guide for the Catalyst Express 500 Switches.

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