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How to configure EtherChannel on Cisco Catalyst 6500 and 6000 switches that run Integrated Cisco IOS



An EtherChannel bundles individual Ethernet links into a single logical link that provides the aggregate bandwidth of up to eight physical links.

A Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch supports a maximum of 64 EtherChannels and 256 with Cisco IOS  Software Release 12.1(2)E and earlier. You can form an EtherChannel with up to eight compatibly configured LAN ports on any module in a Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switch. All LAN ports in each EtherChannel must be the same speed and must all be configured as either Layer 2 or Layer 3 LAN ports. A Layer 3 channel on one end must be connected to a Layer 3 channel on the other end, and a Layer 2 channel must be connected to a Layer 2 channel only.

Refer to the Configuring EtherChannels for more information and detailed configuration steps.

Refer to System Requirements to Implement EtherChannel on Catalyst Switches for more information.