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How to connect to my 871W etc.

  • Hello.

As the topic says, I had really like to know how this is possible, and a few other questions

that I will mention in this topic. I am a begginer to this Cisco System product, and I 've no idea what is what.

My intention is not to sound sluggish by not reading the manual myself, but I 've been trying to find the right one

but this has been a little problem of mine, since I was not sure if I was doing something wrong by then.

I am very sorry if this is the wrong "topic" of the forum to write in, I was not sure where I'd to write, so I posted

here. Also

  • Questions
  1. As mention above, could someone could link me the manual?
  2. How do I connect to my (Cisco System Router 871W)?
  3. When I 've connected, how do I open NAT ports? For example, if I want to open the port: 27015 - 27020(please indicate precise words, I have no idea what the commands are, if you are using CMD to connect through to your internet connection)

  • Information

As mentioned, my issue is with the Cisco System Router 871W.

but the funny part is, that through that, I am running with an DIR-100(D-link) router, on LAN

so that I can use my LAN cable through the house to my computer. The Issue remains that

my internet goes through the Cisco System Router 871W first, which means that if the Cisco Router has NAT Table

and it's not configured for my open ports, I won't be able to host anything on that port, which is what I want to.

I live at home, and everything is just fine, untill I got this router from my work. - The purpose of this router was only to have WIFI

in my home, so that I could use my "working laptop" to do work from home by using WIFI.

  • What I've done already

I've already opened ports on my DIR-100(D-link) Router. And there's no such thing as any problems with that part

and that's also the reason why my post is in this FORUM/Website.

Thanks for your patience in reading this, and I hope to talk to you guys soon!


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