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How to copy the image to the standby bootflash in Catalyst 6000 / 6500 series switches with redundant supervisors



It is possible to copy files to the flash devices of the standby supervisors with the 2/slot0: or 2/bootflash: command options in order to load a new image on the standby supervisor engine that is different from the image on the active supervisor engine.

From the active supervisor engine console port, use either of these commands based on the requirements:

  • Console>(enable)copy 2/slot0:image.bin 2/bootflash:

  • Console>(enable)copy slot0:image.bin 2/slot0:

  • Console>(enable)copy bootflash:image2.bin 2/bootflash:


Note: It is not possible to copy from standby to active. In other words, the copy 2/slot0:filename slot0: command is not supported.

In order to display the bootflash files on the redundant supervisor, use these commands: 

  • For CatOS—dir 2/bootflash: or dir 2/slot0: or dir 2/disk0:

  • For Cisco IOS®—dir slave-bootflash: or dir slave-slot0: or dir slave-disk0:

Note: The difference between the use of slot or disk is related to the amount of memory.  For example, 20 MB and higher memories are called disk: and smaller memories are referred as slot:. Use the disk2:device name for a CompactFlash Disk, disk0: and disk1: device names for Flash Disks, and slot0: and slot1: device names for linear PC cards.

Refer to the Loading a Different but Compatible Image on the Standby Supervisor Engine section of Configuring Redundancy for more information.