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How to perform a client walkabout in WLSE



Client walkabout measurements are used to determine Access Point (AP) coverage. This data is used to provide optimal coverage for the radio parameter generator.

The client walkabout option allows you to specify these features:

  • A group of APs that participate in the walkabout
  • The maximum transmit power level

During a client walkabout, up to five client stations (each identified by its 802.11 MAC address) are walked around the coverage area of the Wireless LAN (WLAN) or a portion of the WLAN. The APs are set to the same channel and the transmit power in the APs is increased so that the power required to cover the edges of the WLAN can be determined.

A client walkabout station continuously reports radio measurements back to its serving AP as it roams throughout the coverage area. All measurements are passed to the Radio Manager, which incorporates them into its radio environment database.

To create a new client walkabout session, go to Radio Manager > Client Walkabout.

For more information, refer to the Using Client Walkabouts to Collect RM Data section of Managing the WLAN Radio Environment.

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