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How to save the configurations of a line card or switching module when moved from one slot to another in the Cisco Catalyst 4000/4500 and Catalyst 6000/6500 Series switches



When a line card or module is removed from the slot, any previous commands or configurations are removed from the running-config.

When the card is installed in a different slot, it must be reconfigured. Before the line card is moved to another slot, backup the configuration.

It is recommended to store the configurations in the switch to the TFTP server as backup. If the configurations are stored as backup in the Flash or Bootflash, the backup configurations are lost if the Flash or Bootflash fails.

Cisco recommends these commands depending on the situation:

  • In order to save the current system configuration that the switch runs, issue this command:

    Switch#copy running-config tftp
  • In order to save the startup configuration, which is the configuration that the switch uses to boot, issue this command:

    Switch#copy startup-config tftp
  • If the switch fails, and loses all configuration, issue this command to copy the configuration to the flash card:

    Switch#copy tftp flash

Note: After the configuration is copied from the TFTP server to the switch, change the slot number in the configuration to the one on which the module is currently installed.

Refer to article How to upload the running configuration or a configuration file stored on the Flash device of a Catalyst switch to a TFTP server for more information on how to upload the running configuration or a configuration file stored on the Flash device of a Cisco Catalyst switch to a TFTP server.