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ICA or CGP Priority TAG with CISCO NBAR



We're using Citrix 4.5 on MPLS network with 170 branch offices for one big centralized business application. We're are already using QoS to differentiate Citrix packet traffic (ICA and CGP). We're facing some problems when keyboard/screen refresh packets are competing with citrix printer mapping packets or drive mapping packets.

We're now rolling out a network with a new provider and CISCO routers. We would like to use NBAR (latest version) technology to differentiate Citrix packets based on ICA / CGA priority tags and allocate them to different Class of Services. This would help to increase user experience.

We've made some tests but only (around) half of the packets are recognized and classified in the right class. The remaining 50% packets are classified as Citrix packets by CiSCO NBAR. Neither Citrix nor Cisco experts can give me clear explanation on what is going wrong... Is CISCO NBAR Technology not working as designed or is there something to do with Citrix parameters ?

I would be grateful if someone could tell me if this technology has been used succesfully by customers or if you any idea on what happens


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