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IWAN DCA(Direct Cloud Access) for SaaS FAQ


IWAN DCA(Direct Cloud Access) feature helps customers to optimize their Software as a service (SaaS) applications (Office 365, Google, etc.) with better performance and reduced cost. It continuously measures and monitors the performance of each SaaS application along with local break out path as well as backhaul path, and chooses the best-performing path in policy to provide the most optimal user experience.


Q1: What benefit I can get from this solution?

A1: As more and more traffic shift to the public cloud such as Office 365, this SaaS applications requires the network to provide good application performance to ensure good user experience, if not, user may have bad user experience of this SaaS applications.  Nowadays, the traffic of a SaaS user at branch office  are back hauled from branch(eg. Asia) to the enterprise data center(eg. US) and access a SaaS server close to the data center(US.),  this long path usually has high latency. If we can local break out this SaaS traffic and directly access a SaaS server close to the branch, it usually has much less latency which means better user experience. Also traffic will not go to data center and occupy extra network bandwidth at the data center.  At same time, we continuously monitor the local break out path as well as back haul path and select the best path in policy thus we can sure best user experience and high availability.




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