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Meet the Authors FAQ´s - Peter Paluch, Co-author of CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1




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ppaluch.jpgPeter Paluch is the Exam Program Manager for the CCIE Routing & Switching and CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exams. Previous, he worked as a Customer Support Engineer with a focus on Data Center Switching technologies. In his free time he indulges in all technologies, particularly routing protocols, routed technologies, and MPLS-based services. Before Peter joined Cisco, he worked as a university professor and a Networking Academy instructor and instructor trainer. Peter is an author of Cisco Press. He holds a CCIE certification on R&S #23527.
Peter has been an active member of the Cisco Community and earned the Cisco Designated VIP award for five years in a row (2011-2016). This year he was recognized as a member of the elite Cisco Community Hall of Fame Program.


You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here.

Peter Paluch, Co-author of CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide, Volume 1

Q: There is a Best Value Purchase comprising "Book + eBook Bundle"... what difference does it have? merely the same content in 2 different formats or something more than that?

A: Its juts the format, as far as I know - I got the book for my shelf, but I commonly use the digital one, as I can bring my iPad everywhere¬. Oh, and the physical version I think comes with practice labs in the back old the book¬.


Q: Can I do the CCIE written with current syllabus and lab paper with new syllabus?

A: Yes, if you pass the written exam right now you can take the new practical version starting on February 2020 - you will have 3 years to take it.


Q: Hopefully the new exam contains some simulations :-)

A: Crossing fingers and toes! do you mean written or practical? practical will certainly have them :D.

Q: Since the Core Exam replaces the CCIE-W exam (a common exam for CCNP and CCIE Route Switch) I certainly hope for.

A: We all do - the blueprint should describe it properly.


Q: Dobry Vecer Peter :) - My questions: 1) How many exams have you failed? 2) How long did it take you to become CCIE? 3) How did you get to work for Cisco in Belgium? :)

A: Pendent.


Q: Is the book covers bridging Gap v5.0 to new Enterprise CCIE coming after Feb 2020?

A: It covers partially the topics - its advantageous to check and compare the bluepirnt with the book contents.

As new official cert guide will come for the new certification that will be changing in February. The new guide (coming on Dec 2019): CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Core ENCOR 350-401 Official Cert Guide, ISBN: 9781587145230, Due December 27, 2019


Q: Is "CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam" going to completely replace the existing CCIE R&S Exam? If answer is Yes, then what is the reason of naming the book as CCIE R&S v5.0? and if it is No, then is this going be a common book applicable for both exams?

A: Yes, it will replace it. It’s the new version, including other topics related to new technologies. The book follows the blueprint version (5.0)¬. This will be the new guide (coming on Dec 2019): CCNP and CCIE Enterprise Core ENCOR 350-401 Official Cert Guide, ISBN: 9781587145230, Due December 27, 2019

Q: In your experience on the lately topics covered on this book will it play a big portion of the practical test?

A: Do you mean the current practical test? or the new one?


Q: I've benefited a lot from your participation on Cisco Community. I wanna thank you for all of your valuable inputs. I have one question for you: could you tell us what steps you use when you learn new topics for the first time?

A: Pendent.


Q: we can pass Written Exam in Current Version and if we didn't pass lab before February 2020, then we have three years’ time starting from February 2020 to pass new infrastructure practical exam. Right?

A: Yes, you will. Remember that currently, the practical exam requires you to pass the written exam and take the first attempt in the following 18 months. This requirement is removed in the new version. You will have 3 years since the moment you pass the core exam the current written exam maps to the new core exam, therefore, qualifying you (as of Feb 2020) to meet that requirement and have the time to take the lab.


Q: You are referring to BluePrint 5.0... can you share the link for the same pls? Also, is that BP same for CCIE R&S v5.0 & ENCOR?

A: it is not the same blueprint for sure - Written exam:



Q: When was CCIE R&S v5.0 OCG published?

A: August 27, 2014.


Q: When developing an OCG book, is there any collaboration between cisco press and the cisco unit that develops the certification?

A: They do collaborate, but keep in mind that Cisco Press is a Person Vue company, not a Cisco company. But they do it.


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