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Method to obtain tracelog for ASR1000 series routers




This document provides the method to obtain the tracelog in ASR1000 series routers.

Core Issue:


In IOS-XE, each process automatically stores the log of events that occurred, etc. as tracelogs into the bootflash or hard disk. There are times when these logs lead to resolution of problems. When you make inquiries on IOS-XE, we would appreciate if you could first obtain the tracelog, along with showtech.



Depending on the ASR1000 series, the tracelog is stored in different locations.

In the ASR1000 series routers shown below, the tracelog is stored under bootflash:tracelogs.

  • ASR1001
  • ASR1002
  • ASR1002-X


In the ASR1000 series routers shown below, the tracelog is stored under harddisk:tracelogs.

  • ASR1004
  • ASR1006
  • ASR1013


Also, tar format archive can be created with the following command.


archive tar /create <tar file name to be created> <directory to be archived>


In the ASR1001, ASR1002, ASR1002-X, create the tar file as shown below and obtain the tar file using TFTP, etc.


Router# archive tar /create bootflash:trace.tar bootflash:tracelogs


In the ASR1004, ASR1006, ASR1013, create the tar file as shown below and obtain the tar file using TFTP, etc.


Router# archive tar /create harddisk:trace.tar harddisk:tracelogs


Individual trace can be obtained by the command shown below.


Router# show monitor event-trace ?

ac AC traces

adjacency Adjacency Events

all-traces Show all the event traces

arp ARP Events

atom AToM traces

bfd BFD traces

c3pl Show group traces

cce Show group traces

cef Show CEF traces

cfd Crypto Fault Detection event trace

checkpoint "Checkpoint debug"

continuous Display components which have enabled continuous display

cpu-report display cpu-report

crypto Crypto traces

datainteg Data integrity events

dmvpn DMVPN traces

eigrp Show EIGRP traces

ether_efp Ethernet Flow Point event trace

fhrp Show FHRP traces

flexvpn FlexVPN event trace

flow Flow traces

gdoi Show GDOI traces

gtp traces

hw-api HW-API Events

ifnum Show group traces

interprocess Interprocess event trace

ipv6 IPv6

l2tp "L2TP Proto Event Trace"

l2vpn l2vpn traces

lisp Show group traces

mcprp-oir Const WAN OIR

merged-list List of trace buffers displayed sorted by time

mfib Show MFIB traces

multicast Multicast Events

nvram nvram event trace

oce Show OCE traces

platform Show platform traces

pwoam pw-oam traces

qos QOS event trace

redundancy Redundancy event trace

rg_infra rg_infra event trace

sampler Sampler traces

sbc SBC event trace

spa SPA trace

ssm SSM traces

tracking Show Tracking traces

tunnel tunnel event trace

voip Show Voip Traces

xcl2 Xconnect L2TPv3 traces

xconnect old alias for l2vpn traces

xdr Show XDR traces



Router# show platform software trace message ?

chassis-manager Chassis-Manager

emd Environmental Monitoring

forwarding-manager Forwarding Manager

host-manager Host Manager

interface-manager Interface Manager

iomd IOMD Process

ios IOS Process

license-manager License Manager Process

logger Logging Manager

pluggable-services Pluggable Services

qfp-control-process QFP Client Control Process

qfp-driver QFP Driver Process

qfp-ha-server QFP HA Server

qfp-service-process QFP Client Service Process

shell-manager Shell Manager

virt-manager Virtualization Manager


Related Information

Original Document: Cisco Support Community Japan DOC-32568

Author: Ryota Takao

Posted on April 27, 2013