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MSFC crashes and Supervisor 32 goes into ROMMON mode


Core issue

Supervisor 32 (Sup32) boots properly when the software image boots. However, when the Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) boots, the MSFC goes into the ROM monitor (ROMmon) mode. The MSFC then crashes, and Sup32 enters the ROMmon mode.

This problem occurs if the BOOT= variable points to a different image, specifically, a hybrid image for the MSFC.

Issue the set command at the ROMmon prompt to check the environment variables.


To resolve this problem, perform these steps:

  1. From the ROMmon mode on Sup32, set the BOOT= image to point to the native Cisco IOS Software image. Issue the set boot system flash command to set the BOOT environment variable that specifies a list of images the switch loads at startup. 
  2. Issue the config-register 0x2102 command to change the value of the configuration register to 0x2102. 
  3. Execute sync command to write the working in-core copy of environment variables and the aliases out to NVRAM so they are read on the next reset. 
  4. Issue the reset command to reset the switch.

For further assistance and support, please open a service request with Cisco Technical Support.

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