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OSPF neighbor does not form over a Frame Relay broadcast network


Core Issue

When running Open Shortest Path First Protocol (OSPF) between routers connected over a Frame Relay network, if the network is defined as a broadcast network, it is necessary to use the [broadcast] keyword in the frame-relay map commands.


This is an example of the frame-relay map command with the [broadcast] keyword:

interface Serial0.2 multipoint
!-- The subinterface is treated as a multipoint link.
ip address
ip ospf network broadcast
!-- This command is used to define the network type as broadcast. The network type is
!-- defined on nonbroadcast networks to avoid configuring the neighbors explictly.
frame-relay map ip 16 broadcast

Issue the frame-relay map command with the [broadcast] keyword along with the ip ospf network command.

For more information on configuring OSPF over Frame Relay, refer to Initial Configurations for OSPF over Frame Relay Subinterfaces.

How are Neighbors Connected

Connected via Frame Relay

show ip ospf interface

Network type = Point to multi-point

show ip ospf neighbors

No output received