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Parity errors and packet drop issues in the Catalyst 6500 switch with 7600-SIP-400 line card and Sup720 that run Cisco IOS system software


Core issue

The 7600-SIP-400 linecard can drop packets due to parity errors that result from certain bit patterns. These parity errors are reported in the Bonham parity error counter, which can be monitored through the Command Line Interface (CLI) with the show platform hardware bonham counters | inc Parity command.

These symptoms can be observed:

  • When a shared file is downloaded from a server, some files can be downloaded whereas, others cannot be downloaded from the same shared drive.
  • The files that have issues include Microsoft Word files and Excel files. 

This is a known issue with the firmware on the SIP-400 as documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsg36726.


Use the Field Programmable Device (FPD) to upgrade the Bonham (switch) FPGA version on the 7600-SIP-400, which can be downloaded from Cisco Downloads, in order to resolve this issue.

This fix is built into the FPD package for Cisco IOS  Software Release 12.2(33)SRA2 and Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXF7.

Refer to SIP, SSC, and SPA Product Overview for more information.