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Periodic "%KERNEL-5-UNALIGNACCESS:Alignment correction made syslog messages are generated on the switch due to CPU detecting alignment" errors while accessing DRAM


Core issue

Alignment errors while CPU accesses DRAM may cause KERNEL-5-UNALIGNACCESS Alignment correction made messages to be displayed.


The following is an example of the syslog output when this error occurs:

%KERNEL-5-UNALIGNACCESS:Alignment correction made at 0x80056B3C reading 0x81B82F36

%KERNEL-5-UNALIGNACCESS:Alignment correction made at 0x80056B88 reading 0x81B82F36

%KERNEL-5-UNALIGNACCESS:Alignment correction made at 0x80056B3C reading 0x81BF1DB6

%KERNEL-5-UNALIGNACCESS:Alignment correction made at 0x80056B88 reading 0x81BF1DB6

These syslog messages indicate that the switch CPU detected and corrected an alignment error when it attempted to access data in DRAM. These messages are informational only, and they do not necessarily indicate a problem with the switch and should not affect system performance.

However, if an excessive number of these messages are being generated, where the syslog server log file or the switch console are being flooded with these messages, upgrading the switch software to the latest maintenance release of the software release train currently running may resolve the issue.

Another alternative would be to set the logging level for the Kernel facility to 4 or lower by issuing the set logging level kernel 4 default command in order to stop these messages from being logged.