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Presentation for Sept 24 Webcast: Simplify WAN Deployment with the Cisco IWAN Application


The Cisco IWAN Application simplifies WAN deployments by providing highly intuitive, policy-based automation. It enables you to realize the benefits of SD-WAN: lower costs, simplified IT, increased security, and optimized application performance.

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Community Member

This is the need of the day to showcase SDWAN capabilities with IWAN... Looking forward to getting this released soon!

Couple of questions:

How Geo Locations are mapped for the sites, is it manual by providing Lat/Long coordinates or by some Geo location application ?

For a  "single router with one WAN link"  type of  site,  there is no PFR involved, right ?  Does the app recognize and build the configs accordingly ? 


Geo location is typed by the user now. We're working on auto-mapping for Internet based sites.

For a single router with a single link, there is no PfR. We do deploy all the other components (DMVPN, PKI, QoS, AVC) so that these sites are also part of the IWAN domain. However, PfR is not use. We need more than like to be able to use PfR.

The IWAN App builds the configs according to the topology selected for the site. For a dual router dual link, we additionally enable HSRP between the two boxes.