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small learning & education infrastructure



I am an apprentice in my company and I should design & implement a „simple” infrastructure for apprentices in our company to test out nearly everything they want. For this purpose, I have a room with some racks.

The requirement for the infrastructure is:

  • Each bookable subnet should have access to the print- & file server.
  • The subnets should not interfere with each other. For example when one is creating a domain controller, the other subnet/network should not be affected by this.
  • Each subnet should have its own router. This is for learning purposes because, we can learn how to specify different settings (If this wouldn’t be the case, I’d use a level 3 switch
  • Content filtering should be activated
  • Optional: With each router and it’s subnet, a VPN connection could be implemented

I am thinking of using a Cisco ISR 892W as the main gateway/modem/router/firewall.

And for the sub routers I’d implement a Cisco RV 180 VPN router.

I have designed a quick network plan.

Network Plan - Sample - V1.0.png

Now I have some questions for the realization of this project:

  • Do I need to enable “1:1 NAT” and when yes, which impact does it have for the network?
  • What do I need to configure that the subnets can communicate with the servers?
  • Is it possible, that the « Administration PC » in the network can access the subnet to remote administrating the servers (for example over RDP or another technology). When yes what do I have to configure? Static routes?
  • When I am considering implementing a VPN connection for each sub router, is this possible? Are there some issues with NAT?
  • Do you have any other tips for me?

I'm still learning the whole networking sphere and would be happy if you can help me out

Many, many thanks