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Switch ports become inactive when they are members of VLANs that do not exist in the VLAN database of Catalyst 5000 series switch


Core issue

All ports commonly become inactive after a power cycle. The switch port often goes into the inactive state if the switch is configured as a VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) client with the uplink trunk port on a VLAN other than VLAN 1. Such a switch loses its VLAN database after a reset. As a result, the uplink port and other ports that are not members of VLAN 1 become inactive.


Perform these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Change the VTP mode temporarily to the transparent mode.   
    switch (enable) set vtp mode transparent
    VTP domain CISCO modified
    switch (enable)

  2. Add the VLAN to which the uplink port is assigned to the VLAN database. This example assumes that VLAN 3 is assigned to the uplink port.   
    switch (enable) set vlan 3
    VTP advertisements transmitting temporarily stopped,
    and will resume after the command finishes.
    Vlan 3 configuration successful
    switch (enable) 

  3. Change the VTP mode back to the client mode when the uplink port begins to forward traffic.   
    switch (enable) set vtp mode client
    VTP domain CISCO modified   
    where, 'CISCO' is the domain name.

When you complete these steps, VTP repopulates the VLAN database from the VTP server. All ports, which were members of VLANs that the VTP server advertised, move back into the active state.

Hi the same problem happend on my switch cisco 4507 acting as VSS and one of the interface goes to inactive status..duo to power recycle..before the error it was a trunk port to access switch . this distribution switch is a VTP the solution working for me ?