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The active Supervisor fails to boot in Catalyst 4000/4500 Series Switches after a redundant Supervisor upgrade


Core issue

A software upgrade on the active Supervisor fails even after you copy the code from  the bootflash on the secondary (up and running new code) directly to the bootflash on the  primary.

Cisco IOS  on both Supervisor Engines must be the same for them to operate properly.  When the active Supervisor downloads its configuration to the standby, it  copies its own boot variable to the standby. If the standby Supervisor does not have the  same image as the active Supervisor, it becomes stuck on a boot loop because it is not able to  find the image.


Remove the active Supervisor, get into ROMmon on the Supervisor that does not boot and  boot it up manually, because it is trying to load the same image that is in the other  Supervisor Engine. Reset your boot variables once the IOS is loaded.

After you recover the first, and original, Supervisor Engine, you need to upgrade one of the Supervisor Engines in order to have the same image.

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