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The %C6KERRDETECT-SP-2-FIFOCRITLEVEL: System detected unrecoverable resources error on active supervisor error message is received on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch running Cisco IOS software


Core issue

The root cause of this error could be a defective module or a mis-seated module. It could also be a chassis problem with this particular slot. This can be a transient issue if it is due to a mis-seated module.

The error message can be one of these two types:

C6KERRDETECT-2-FIFOCRITLEVEL: System detected an unrecoverable resources error on the active supervisor pinnacle

C6KERRDETECT-2-FIFOCRITLEVEL: System detected unrecoverable resources error on active supervisor port-asic

These messages indicate that the system detected unrecoverable resources (due to the First In, First Out [FIFO] problem) on the indicated Pinnacle ASIC or specified port ASIC.


In order to resolve this error, issue the remote command switch show platform hardware asicreg pinnacle slot 1 port 1 err command and configure the switch to run enhanced hardware tests with these steps:

Note: Type the entire command and hit the Enter key. You cannot write the command with the Tab key.

1.  Issue the diagnostic bootup level complete command in order to set the diagnostic level to complete, and save the configuration.

2.  Reseat the supervisor and firmly insert it.

3.  Once the supervisor comes online, issue the show diagnostic command in order to monitor the switch and check whether the error message still persists.

If the error message still persists, then please contact Cisco Technical Support online using the TAC Service Request Tool.

For more information on message and recovery procedures, refer this document:

Message  and Recovery Procedures

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