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The power supply LED is red or has a "faulty" status on a Catalyst 4000, 5000, or 6000 series switch


Core issue

All power supply status LEDs should be green. The power supply includes the power supplies and power supply fans. If one or both are red, this can indicate a power supply problem or failure.

These are the most common issues:

  • If a power supply on a Catalyst 4500 or 4000 chassis is in an errDisable state in the output of the show power command, there are two different types of power supplies. These power supplies are in the same chassis and are not supported.

  • If a redundant power supply is installed without being connected to a power source, it can cause a faulty status to be displayed for the Supervisor or the power supply and cause the system status LED to be amber. This is not an indication of a power supply or hardware failure.

    This is an example of a show module and a show system command output when this issue occurs:

    SWITCH (enable) show module

    Mod Slot Ports Module-Type               Model               Sub Status
    --- ---- ----- ------------------------- ------------------- --- --------

    1   1    2     1000BaseX Supervisor      WS-X4013            no  faulty
    2   2    48    10/100BaseTx Ethernet     WS-X4148-RJ         no  ok
    3   3    48    10/100BaseTx Ethernet     WS-X4148-RJ         no  ok
    4   4    34    10/100/1000 Ethernet      WS-X4232-GB-RJ      no  ok

    SWITCH (enable) show system
    PS1-Status PS2-Status PS3-Status PEM Installed
    ---------- ---------- ---------- -------------
    ok         ok         faulty     none

    Fan-Status Temp-Alarm Sys-Status Uptime d,h:m:s Logout
    ---------- ---------- ---------- -------------- ---------
    ok         off        faulty     0,00:08:01     20 min
    PS1-Type     PS2-Type     PS3-Type
    ------------ ------------ ------------
    WS-C4008     WS-C4008     WS-C4008 

    When a power source is connected to the power supply, the faulty status should change to ok status. If the power supply is not going to be used, remove it from the chassis to clear the error. If a power source is connected, but the faulty status remains, there may be a hardware issue with the power supply or the Supervisor engine.


To resolve general power supply issues, perform these steps:

  1. Determine if the show system command output shows the any of the power supplies status as faulty.   
  2. Inspect the power supplies. Make sure that there is power applied to both units.   
  3. Reseat the power supply.   
  4. Try a different circuit or swap power cords.

    Note: If the status is still red, or the show system command shows a status of faulty, it is a power supply failure.

  5. Remove and replace the power supply.

For more information, refer to these documents:

If the issue is not resolved, please contact Cisco Technical Support online using the TAC Service Request Tool .