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The "%ISSU-3-INCOMPATIBLE_PEER_UID:" error message is received after the upgrade in Catalyst 4500 series switches running Cisco IOS system software


Core issue

In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) is the first, comprehensive, transparent software upgrade capability in the industry for the IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching edge router. Full image ISSU allows you to upgrade the complete Cisco IOS  software image without the need to take the switch or network out of service.

The active reports bulk sync failure due to Mismatch Command List (MCL) when standby reboots. MCL contains the commands that were successfully configured into the running-config of the active supervisor engine, yet failed at the standby supervisor engine during bulk sync.

This MCL error occurs only when speed command is configured on port-channel interface. The standby automatically resets and comes back in RPR mode.

Cisco bug ID CSCsg62994 identifies this issue.


The MCL error can be fixed if you remove the configuration lines reported in the MCL list from the running config on the active, and then reboot the standby. Once standby is up and the switch reaches the STANDBY HOT state, reconfigure the original command.

In other words, after the upgrade, if an unsupported CLI command is present in the newer version, the switch goes to RPR. Hence, the best way to proceed is to unconfigure the offending command and then do the upgrade.

In order to display an ISSU config-sync failure or the ignored MCL, if any, use the show issu config-sync failures mcl command.

Refer to the Debugging the Mismatched Command List (MCL) section of Troubleshooting the Catalyst 4500 Series Switch for more information.