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The "%PFREDUN-SP-4-PHYSMEM_MISMATCH: Asymmetrical redundant configuration:" error message appears between the redundant supervisors in Catalyst 6500 with Cisco IOS


Core issue

The error message looks similar to this:

%PFREDUN-4-PHYSMEM_MISMATCH: Asymmetrical redundant configuration: Active [chars] has ([int]/[int]K) memory, Standby has ([int]/[int]K)

%PFREDUN-SP-4-PHYSMEM_MISMATCH: Asymmetrical redundant configuration:
Active RP has (458752/65536K) memory, Standby has (524288/32768K).

These messages appear when the redundant supervisor engines do not have symmetrical memory configurations, hence, they do not support the high availability feature. These memory mismatch appear during boot up.

Similarly, these can also occur if the redundant supervisor engine has a different version of the PFC daughter card. For example, you cannot use one type of PFC3 (PFC3BXL, PFC3B, or PFC3A) on one supervisor engine and a different type on the other supervisor engine for redundancy. You must use identical policy feature cards for redundancy. PFC3 is the ASIC-based forwarding engine daughter card for the Sup720.


Upgrade the memory on either of the supervisor engines in order to match the amount of memory on the other supervisor engine. Also, in order to run redundancy, both Supervisor modules should be identical in all respects, which includes hardware and software.

Refer to the Removing and Installing the DRAM DIMMs section of Supervisor Engine 720 Switch Processor and Route Processor Memory Installation Note for more information on memory upgrade.

Refer to Memory/Flash Size Supported in Catalyst Switch Platforms for more information.

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