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The "%PLATFORM_RPC-3-MSG_THROTTLED" error message appears on the Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch


Core issue

When too many outbound messages are in the queue for a message class, the Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch displays the %PLATFORM_RPC-3-MSG_THROTTLED: RPC Msg Dropped by throttle mechanism: type [int], class [int], max_msg [int], total throttled [int] error message. This error indicates that an RPC message is dropped. In the error message:

  • The first [int] represents the message type.
  • The second [int] represents the message class.
  • The third [int] indicates the maximum number of messages that the queue can accommodate before throttling occurs.
  • The last [int] is the total number of messages throttled.

The %PLATFORM_RPC-3-MSG_THROTTLED message appears while an attempt is made to create a routed interface when the snmp-server ifindex persist command is issued. Cisco bug ID CSCeg57839 identifies this issue.

In some scenarios, it causes the switch to report this error message every time these commands are issued:


These Cisco Catalyst switches do not support the snmp-server ifindex persist command:

  • 3750
  • 3560
  • 2970

Remove the snmp-server ifindex persist command from the configuration.

For more information, refer to the Unsupported CLI Commands section of Release Notes

If the issue is due the presence of too many outbound messages in the queue for a message class, the resolution is to reload the switch. This reload frees the queue of clogged messages.

Open a service request with Cisco Technical Support with the TAC Service Request Tool for more assistance and support.