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The %RTD-1-LINK_FLAP [chars] link down/up [dec] times per min error message appears on a port


Core issue

This message means that an excessive number of link up or down events have occurred on this interface. [chars] represents the interface, and [dec] represents the number of times the link goes up and down. This error can result if the port is re-configured, or it can indicate a faulty device at the other end of the connection.


To resolve this problem, perform these steps:

  1. Check the speed and duplex configuration on both sides of the connection to make sure both interfaces have the same configuration.  

  2. Replace the cable, and connect another device on the affected port. If the problem persists, most likely the Ethernet transceiver at the switch end is faulty and must be replaced.  

Note: If you are in the process of re-configuring the interface or the device at the other side of the interface, ignore this error message. However, if neither the interface nor the device at the other end of the interface has been manipulated, it is likely that the Ethernet transceiver at one end of the link is faulty and must be replaced.

Error message


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