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The user receives the %L3_ASIC-DFC3-4-ERR_INTRPT: Interrupt TF_INT:FI_DATA_INT error message in Catalyst 6000/6500 series switches that run Cisco IOS version of code


Core issue

If the %L3_ASIC-DFC3-4-ERR_INTRPT: Interrupt TF_INT:FI_DATA_INT error message occurs along with the %MLSCEF-DFC3-7-SHADOW_SSRAM_INCONSISTENCY error message,  then it indicates that system has detected corrupted SSRAM entries and the software consistancy checker has corrected it automatically.

This Synchronous Static Random Access Memory (SSRAM) consistency checker is new feature added to Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(13)E4. This feature verifies the hardware SSRAM at regular intervals with the shadow FIB SSRAM. In case of any inconsistency, the message is logged and the SSRAM data is corrected automatically.


Issue the show earl status command on the console of the switch supervisor engine and any Distributed Forwarding Card (DFC)-enabled modules.

The TF_INT is the interrupt status register used to indicate an error condition, and FI_DATA_INT specifies the error condition was caused by a TCAM SSRAM parity error.

If the error message is seen occasionally, it indicates the problem was detected and corrected by the software. If the problem is seen frequently, this most likely indicates a hardware error, and the hardware should be replaced.

For more information, open a case with Cisco Technical Support.