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The user receives the "%AAAA-3-BADREG: Illegal registry call" error message in Catalyst 6000/6500 series switches with MSFC


Core issue

The message probably displays because the Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC) is in boot mode. The message can also occur if there is a missing bootflash image.


If the MSFC boots in boot mode, change the boot variable settings to point to the real Cisco IOS  image in the bootflash of the device.

If there is no image in the bootflash, use TFTP to transfer a real Cisco IOS image to the bootflash on the MSFC. Change the boot variable setting to point to the image. Make sure that the configuration register value is 0x2102 and save the settings. Check the configuration register value by issuing the show version command. Reload so the MSFC boots in the normal Cisco IOS mode.

For additional information, refer to the An Unsupported Memory Configuration Message Displays After a Memory Upgrade section of Troubleshooting Hardware and Related Issues on the MSFC and MSFC2.

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