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The %VIP-3-SVIP_PMAERROR_INTERRUPT error message appears in the log


Core Issue

The SVIP error interrupt handler is called because of a Packet Memory Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) (PMA) error. This usually occurs when an ASIC on the Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) detects a parity error, as shown in this example:

Jan 29 04:04:33 JST: %VIP-3-SVIP_PMAERROR_INTERRUPT: VIP2 R5K slot4 : PMA Error


Jan 29 04:04:33 JST: %PMA error register = 03817AF400000200-1-: VIP2 R5K slot4 :

Jan 29 04:04:33 JST: % Packet Memory Read Parity error-1-: VIP2 R5K slot4 :


A primary cache or Processor Memory Parity Errors (PMPE) can be a transient error. If this is the first instance of a PMPE, you can usually ignore it. However, if the same VIP experiences a second or subsequent PMPEs, you should replace the VIP. Replacing the DRAM itself can also resolve the issue.

To determine the type of parity error that caused the failure, refer to the Parity Errors: VIP2 Parity Error Detection section of Troubleshooting Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) Crashes.

To determine the VIP type, refer to the How to Identify Your VIP section of Troubleshooting Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) Crashes.

If the error occurs again, or if this document indicates a separate hardware issue, replace the VIP.

Transient parity errors are 10 to 100 times more frequent than hard parity errors. To greatly reduce the impact on your network, wait for a second parity error before replacing anything.

When a hardware replacement is indicated, choose from one of these options:

  • If you have a hardware support contract directly with Cisco for this part, use the Service Order Submit Tool to request a replacement part directly.
  • For warranty service, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) directly at 1-800-553-2447,  or online by using the TAC Service Request Tool.
  • If your product is not covered by contract or warranty, contact your Cisco partner or reseller to request a replacement part for the hardware component that is causing the issue.

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