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Unable to perform a software conversion from native to hybrid with the internal CompactFlash adapter in Catalyst 6500 with Supervisor 720


Core issue

This issue is due to the CatOS that does not support the internal 512 MB compact Flash adapter, referred to as bootdisk, on the Supervisor 720. It is not possible to migrate from native Cisco IOS  to hybrid with the use of only this internal CompactFlash (CF).

This problem is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsg19891.

The CF adapter (WS-CF-UPG=) is a device that plugs into the switch processor (SP) bootflash memory module (DIMM) socket on the Supervisor Engine 720. This device expands the amount of bootflash memory that is available. The kits contain a CF adapter with the CF installed. The CF adapter contains a Cisco IOS image, Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(18)SXE5 or later.


Before you perform this conversion, verify that you have the standard bootflash and not the internal CF adapter, which is referred to as bootdisk, on the Supervisor Engine 720.

In order to continue with the conversion, try any one of these workarounds:

  • Replace the internal CF adapter with a standard bootflash.

  • Make use of an external CF card instead of the internal CF adapter.

  • If you installed the internal CF through the WS-CF-UPG part, you can replace it with the original bootflash. If you received this internal CF preinstalled from the factory, you can use an external CF card.

Note: In case of redundant Supervisors, if you plan to install CF cards in each supervisor, take the standby supervisor out and follow the installation instructions. Once you have done that insert the supervisor back in the chassis, force a failover to this supervisor and then remove the former active supervisor and install the other compact flash card. Then insert it again into the chassis and if you want to leave things the way they were, do another failover.

The downtime depends on the type of redundancy configured on the supervisors. It is usually within a few minutes or even seconds but it is advised to schedule a maintenance window when you install these parts. You must install the card first and then change the boot variable.

Refer to Cisco CompactFlash Adapter for Bootflash Upgrade Installation Note for more information.

Refer to the Conversion on Supervisor Engine 720 section of System Software Conversion from Cisco IOS to CatOS for Catalyst 6500/6000 Switches for a step-by-step procedure to convert from the Cisco IOS Software to CatOS System Software.