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Unable to transfer an image file greater than 32 MB using the TFTP server and user receives the "TFTP: error code 0 received - Undefined error code and %Error writing tftp:" error messages in a Catalyst 6500 Switch running IOS


Core issue

The issue happens when the image size is greater than 33554432 bytes and the image transfer is done from the device to the TFTP server and vice-versa.

In some scenarios, you may also get the file too large for TFTP protocol error message while performing a file transfer.

This problem occurs due to a software bug which is identified in Cisco bug ID CSCee67733.


The workaround is to follow either one of these two procedures:

  • Use FTP server functionality instead of TFTP or you can use the TFTPD32 utility which is a third party utility.
  • Upgrade to Cisco IOS® Software Release 12.2(17d)SXB07 or later which can be downloaded from the LAN Switching Software page.

For problems related to a software image transfer from a TFTP server failure or timeout, refer to the article Software image transfer from a TFTP server fails or timeout.

For additional information, refer to TFTP Server Selection and Use.