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Upcoming Software/Device Update and PSIRT/EOX Download Changes


What is getting changed?

Hosted services in that are being leveraged by LMS, for downloading the latest Software and Device Package updates, as well as the PSIRT and End of Sale/Life information are being migrated to a new framework and the old services will be retired by June 16, 2011.

What is the impact?

The following LMS functionalities are being affected because of the change:

1.       Automated Software and Device Package Downloads

2.       User driven Software and Device Package Downloads

3.       PSIRT and End of Sale/Life reporting

4.       PSIRT and End of Sale/Life off-line reports

Which versions of LMS are getting affected?

All active versions LMS 3.x and 4.x versions will be affected.

Will users know that it is broken?

No, the only symptom is, LMS would end up saying “No Updates available for download” in the Software and Device package download pages PSIRT/EOX – LMS would say Failed to Connect to and report jobs will fail.

Are there any workarounds?

Not for automatic retrieval through LMS.  However, manual downloads outside of LMS will still work.

What is the fix?

The LMS  team has posted patches for LMS 3.2.1 and LMS 4.0.1 that would’ve fixes for leveraging the new services.  LMS 3.0 and 3.1 users must upgrade to LMS 3.2 then apply the LMS 3.2 SP1 patch.  LMS 3.2 can be freely downloaded from

Where can I find the patch?

Download Location for LMS 4.0.x:

Products -> Network Management and Automation -> Routing and Switching Management -> CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Products -> CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0 and later -> CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0 -> CiscoWorks LMS Patches -> Windows/Solaris -> 4.0.1 (download page)

lms40x-sol-CSCto46927-0.tar (download page)

Download Location for LMS 3.2.1:

Products Network Management and Automation Routing and Switching Management CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution Products -> CiscoWorks Common Services Software -> CiscoWorks Common Services Software 3.3 -> CiscoWorks Common Services Patches  -> Windows/Solaris -> 3.3.0 (download page)

cwcs33x-sol-CSCto46927-0.tar (download page)

We strongly encourage the customers to apply this patch as early as possible to avoid the functionality disruption.

Installing the Patch

After extracting the patch, there will be a readme file with the instructions on how to apply the patch.

Martin Ermel

thank you Joe for this information!

and this announcement makes me really curious and I am wondering if there will be any enhancement in regard to the process of offline updates of LMS installations or if this will just be a transition of the framework. Do you have any information about this you could provide also?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

No, nothing will change for the manual process.  This is just the backend to which the LMS PSU code interfaces.

Martin Ermel

what shall I say ? - Hope dies (at) last!  ....


thx for this importend announcement. I've got some questions:

1. What is with LMS3.0 and 3.1 customers having no SAS for LMS?

2. For LMS4: is the patch for LMS4.0.0 (Download Location ...) or LMS4.0.1(posted patches for ...) only?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

LMS 3.0 and 3.1 are end of engineering.  There will not be any patches for those releases.  LMS 3.2 can be freely downloaded from .  Once you upgrade to LMS 3.2, you can download LMS 3.2 SP1 from the Software Center.

The patch is for LMS 4.0.x.


As someone who has never installed a Ciscoworks patch manually, what is the process of installing this patch?

Derek Clothier

The zip/tar file that you download contains a file cwcs-win-CSCto46927.readme or cwcs-sol-CSCto46927.readme which contains instructions on how to install the patch.


After applying this patch for LMS4.0.1 Discrepancy and Bestpractice Derivations shows "No data is available" in the dashboard and Discrepancy and Bestpractice reporting doesnt work.

solved, you will need to trigger a new data collection after install the patch.

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Yes.  Deviation and Discrepancy details are stored in memory and must be repopulated each time ANIServer is restarted.  The repopulation is done during Topology Data Collection time.

Michel Hegeraat
Rising star

Like with the previos patch.

In my lab it works fine. That server can talk directly to internet. At customer site LMS has to go via authenticating proxy and it can't get the files.

I hope I don't have this issue every time cisco feels the need to change something for PSIRT/EOX




Does this affect the recently relesed eval version of LMS 4.1, if so is there a seperate patch for the VMware Appliance Image?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

LMS 4.1 is not affected by this.  The patches have already been incorporated.