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Upgrade IOS-XE 16.4.4 to 16.9.1 and Migrate Licensing


Hello Cisco Community

I'm have new Cisco WS-3850-24-XS version 16.9.1 and another one is WS3850-24-XS version 16.4.4 (existing in network). I'm would like to config to join StackingWise together but I'm not sure complete this. Because 2 switch have difference version and license. In my opinion will upgrade 16.4.4 to 16.9.1 but I have concern about IPService license to Smart License (Tradditional to Smart License).If I upgrade to 16.9.1 how can I mainatin IPservice feature ? and I don't have any PAK key for IPService license. Or I should to downgrade 16.9.1 to 16.4.4 but I'm concern about license too.

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All members of the stack must have the same license. Either downgrade the license or purchase a license upgrade.

Thank you very much Leo Laohoo


And I have additional question



If I upgrade 16.4.4 to 16.9.1 I will to  purchase license ? or I migrate existing IPService license to smart license ?  

If I downgrade 16.9.1 (New Unit) I will convert smart license to IPService license (Traditional license) and how can I convert it?



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As long as you smart contract license to download, you can download and upgrade the IOS, If you Migrating from traditional to smartlicense, The device required to connect to internet to enable License. or you can contact License team , they can help you getting transfer or suggest best options. when you install new IOS 16.9.1 , any way you get evalution time for your to register device.
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