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User receives a %CI-3-BLOWER or %CI-1-BLOWSHUT fan assembly or system blower failure message on a Cisco 7500 series router


Core Issue

These messages are seen on the console or in the router log. They can be caused by any of these:

  • A dirty filter.
  • A bad fan assembly.
  • A mis-seated fan assembly.
  • A failed Chassis Interface (CI).

These are example error messages:

  • %CI-3-BLOWER #[x] fan failure

  • %CI-1-BLOWSHUT Blower failure, shutdown in [x] seconds
  • %CI-3-BLOWER: main fan failure

These error messages is recorded by the router.


The fan assambly or system blower draws cool air through the chassis interior to maintain an acceptable operating temperature for the internal components. If the filter is blocked or if the fan assembly or system blower has failed, the router will overheat.

To resolve the issue, perfrom these steps:

  1. Check and clean the filter.
  2. If the problem continues, re-seat the fan assembly or system blower.
  3. If the error message continues, replace the fan assembly or system blower.

In order to have the fan tray or blower system replaced, perform the replacement instructions in these documents:

If the problem persist after the hardware replacement of the fan tray or blower system, the CI needs to be replaced. For information on doing this, refer to Replacing the Chassis Interface (CI) Board in the Cisco 7500 Series Chassis.

When hardware replacement is indicated after troubleshooting:

  • If you have a hardware support contract directly with Cisco for this part, use the Service Order Submit Tool to request a replacement part directly.
  • For warranty service, contact the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) directly at 1-800-553-2447,  or online by using the TAC Service Request Tool.
  • If your product is not covered by contract or warranty, contact your Cisco partner or reseller to request a replacement part for the hardware component that is causing the issue.
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