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VIP crashes due to a parity error - caused by a hardware failure


Core Issue

These are Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) 2 parity errors:

  • processor memory parity error exception
  • reno read parity error
  • I/O controller parity error
  • packet memory read parity error
  • Protocol Control Information (PCI) bus parity error
  • CyASIC parity error
  • packet bus write parity error

These are VIP 4 and VIP 6 parity errors:

  • processor memory parity error exception
  • procmem ECC multi-bit error
  • pakmem ECC multi-bit error
  • PCI master/slave parity error
  • CyAsic parity error

Generally, if a parity error occurs repeatedly, a hardware issue is the cause.


When a VIP crash occurs due to a parity error, the troubleshooting steps taken vary depending on which type of parity error has occurred. Perform these steps to address this issue:

  1. Check the system logs and crashinfo file to determine which type of parity error has occured.
  2. To view the system log, issue the show logging command.
  3. To view the crashinfo file, issue the more bootflash: file-url command. To obtain the crashinfo filename, issue the dir bootflash: command.
  4. Once the parity error type has been determined, refer to the Parity Errors section of Troubleshooting Versatile Interface Processor (VIP) Crashes to determine which hardware is causing the issue.

A crash due to parity error in a VIP does not always mean that the problem is in this VIP.

You may also upload the output of the show tech-support command into the Output Interpreter Tool to display potential issues and fixes.

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