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VLAN filtering for NEXUS etherchannel trunk monitor session



I need to packet capture all traffic for a specific vlan configured on an etherchannel trunk interface (on a NEXUS 5548).

A local span was successfully configured, however there appears to be no option to filter a specific vlan for the monitor session and therefore all traffic is being captured. Online documentation seems to suggest there is a way to filter a vlan - however i cannot see the option on the CLI (i am unsure if the filtering applies only to remote span, and not local span).

Anyone know of a way to filter vlans for a monitor session, or know a work-around? I am currently capturing the whole VLAN which is not really what i wanted (and may also forward too much traffic)

Many thanks

current config is simply :-

monitor session 1
  source vlan 123
  destination interface Ethernet1/1
  no shut


Hi Rob

I didnt quite understand your query, when you say "whole vlan", do you mean to say all the VLANs including vlan 123?

What exactly are you looking for?


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