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VLANs do not propogate and the "Message Digest 5 (MD5)" VTP error message is received in Cisco Catalyst switches


Core issue

After you configure the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) domain and password, the show vtp status command displays this error message:

MD5 digest : 0x43 0x4F 0x8C 0x3C 0x86 0x63 0x98 0x2D

Message Digest 5 (MD5) carries the VTP password and it is used to authenticate the validation of a VTP update. Digest errors increment whenever the MD5 digest in the summary packet and the MD5 digest of the received advertisement calculated by the switch do not match. This error usually indicates that the VTP password in the two switches is different.


If you configure a password for VTP, you must configure the password on all switches in the VTP domain. The password must be the same password on all those switches. The VTP password that you configure is translated by algorithm into a 16-byte word (MD5 value) that is carried in all summary-advertisement VTP packets.

Issue the vtp {password password-value} command in order to make sure that the VTP password is the same on all switches in order to solve this problem.

Refer to the article The VLAN configuration changes do not update on a switch due to the misconfiguration of the VTP and the "VLAN 1003 parent VLAN missing" error message appears for more information on similar VTP issues.