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What is the most unusual question asked of Cisco TAC engineers?


We asked Cisco TAC engineers to share the most unusual question asked of them.  Of all the questions collected, one question stood out far above the rest.

Believe it or not, it's "Will you marry me?"  One of our TAC engineers received a marriage proposal from a customer they’d never met, while they were trying to close a case over the phone.

While it’s good to care about your customers, sometimes a line must be drawn!

Now it’s YOUR turn. Have you had a funny experience when working with Cisco TAC engineers?  Send in your story to You might see your story featured in an upcoming issue.


Not really a question, just a funny statement that happened to me long ago.

I was working at Cisco TAC and had a P1 (which is a network down situation), so you have can't hang up the phone with the customer till the problem is fixed.

While doing troubleshooting, the customer had to leave the phone and go to the lab to do a physical change.

After about 15 minutes waiting for the customer on the line with no response, I decided to give him about 15 more minutes. Since nothing happened, I send him an email and try to call every possible number at his office.

Since there was no way to contact him, I decided to lower the severity to a P3 and go home.

The next day, I received and email from him saying that when he was in the lab, somehow the door closed and he had to spent the night there since there was no way to open it from the inside and he was alone with no phone or means to communicate!

I don't want to imagine what was that like, but we continued working on the case after that the next day.

Could happen to anyone I guess :-)



he could just unplugg all the servers... that ways he will sure get out.. getting fired is better than "freezing to death"..